Tsavo National Park

One of the oldest and largest parks in the country located in the south eastern side of Kenya.  Tsavo National Park is one of the largest parks in Kenya, with the Eastern and Western part separated by a highway. Tsavo boasts a great diversity of mammals and other wild animals including the famous man-eating lions. With beautiful surroundings and amazing waterfalls, the park attracts a large stream of tourists annually making it a favourite safari destination for many. With various springs that attract animals, a safari to Tsavo National Park guarantees you a view of different kinds of wildlife such as elephants, hippos, buffalos and zebras. With major attractions such as the recent volcanoes, lava flows and caves, Tsavo is ideal for exploring and hiking. With so many activities to choose from such as underwater hippo and fish watching to camping, game viewing and cave exploration, one is always spoilt for choice when it comes to activities at Tsavo National Park.