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Getopt.h download windows

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You are correct. If you can get this working in your project, it should save you a fair bit of coding and prevent you from having to rework all parsing. I made a github gist for it, code from here is below too. I did this as I wanted to explicilty use its command line parsing functionality in a windows command line app.

Excited about the places where science and software meet. Currently working in nuclear reactor design. Eternal student. Rock Climbing and bread baking for fun. And that library does not apply to building the C-code in Windows. I want to ignore what my code does right now and ask the following question. For those of you familiar with this C-library “getopt.

Or will I have to re-write the code to work for Windows, passing input files differently and ditching the “getopt. Solution 4 I did compile the getopt code under windows. I successfully did this using VC As far as I remember I ran into no significant issues doing so. View more solutions. Updated on July 09, Christoph over 10 years.

Pull it from somewhere, compile it and link the result to your app and your done. Admin almost 6 years. Just a nit regarding alk’s comment, it can be done, technically, but the legality depends entirely on the compatibility of the license s from the getopt sources if any , and those of the project. Some getopt implementations say public domain, so that would likely be no problem. I will give that a try right now. I’m not sure if this will be practical for me.

So, what happens in 2 months when they give us a slightly newer version of the code? Will I have to redo the argument processing code every time we get an update?

That sounds time consuming. Benj over 10 years. It sounds as though you need to get together with these other developers and agree an argument passing system which is portable.

The solution provided by theJollySin may well be the answer, but either way it’s not difficult to write a portable argument parser. Well, the code I am porting over for use in a much larger system is a few months old. So if they are doing things in an old-fashioned way, that wouldn’t surprise me. Dogbert That was almost the perfect solution. I have not yet given up that this will be possible, but mixing the two language flavors seems to add some complexity to Visual Studio builds.

Michael Petrotta over 10 years. I rolled that back, and include the comment here. Victor Sergienko almost 10 years. VictorSergienko: Sure some code out of getopt. Anyway, my answer was not meant to be understood the way that compiling the files linked was possible without any minor modifications. Just feeding them “as is” to VC10 would not work. It looks like your library would have been really helpful. I just wanted to say. But I saw Dogbert’s comment about Xgetopt first and that did the trick.

Thanks, though! I have this included in my project, however when I try to use optarg it says that it is undeclared in Windows. The return value of getopt is always the opt. How can I use optarg? Well, finding getopt. I was more worried about the Windows getopt. Good to know though.

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Cannot Find “getopt.h” File When Compiling Under Windows – CodeFull

Good to know though. Open with Desktop View raw View blame. I did compile the getopt under windows.


Cannot Find “getopt.h” File When Compiling Under Windows – CodeFull.Downloading File /Source/include/getopt.h – hlanguage – OSDN


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