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Jocurile pentru pc sau mai bine zis pentru calculator se remarca fata de jocurile online prin diversitate si complexitate. Grafica este iar un atu pe care il au aceste jocuri. Cu toate aceste dezavantaje ele sunt cele mai populare iar industria jocurilor video pentru pc este in continua crestere.

Companiile se straduiesc sa creeze jocuri video mai complexe cand vine vorba de gameplay dar si mai colorate cand vine vorba de grafica. In ultima vreme ele s-au distins doar prin grafica iar noutatile cand vine vorba de gameplay sau inovatii a cam lasat de dorit.

Foarte putine companii reusesc sa aduca ceva nou acestor jocuri dar se pare ca ideeile sunt greu de gasit. Jocurile pentru calculator mi se par chiar mai bune decat cele pe console pentru ca permit jucatorului un acces mai mare si mai multe posibilitati. Jocurile de strategie sunt greu de jucat pe console sau aproape imposibil iar aici platforma pc ies iar in avantaj.

O sa va prezint cateva jocuri pentru pc care mi se par mie mai frumoase si merita jucate. Castle Wolfenstein – Un joc bun cu impuscaturi ce aduce o poveste buna si un stil de joc mai avansat fata de alte jocuri de acest gen. Vei lua rolul unui soldat sub acoperire ce se va infiltra in trupele naziste si va incerca sa afle informatii despre proiectele lor secrete.

In afara de aflat informatii trebuie sa si opresti derularea unor experimente periculoase. Armele din joc sunt impartite in doua categorii, arme din acea perioada si arme sf care te vor ajuta in nivele superioare. Pe general jocul merita jucat. Max Payne 2 – In acest joc vei deveni un detectiv care va incerca sa rezolve un caz misterios ce implica o crima.

Caracterul principal este bine inarmat si se va lupta cu multi inamici. El este capabil de lovituri si miscari speciale care ii va conferi superioritate in luptele cu inamicii.

Jocul implica si mult mister combinat cu aventura. Free Download for Windows. Stealthy undercover war game. Windows ghost graphics for windows 7 sniper sniper for windows sniper games. Hitman: Absolution 3. Agent 47 is back.

Windows assassin games hitman 2 hitman games hitman games for windows hitman games for windows 7. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 3. If Call of Duty was all sniping Windows ai games call duty games call of duty call of duty 3 call of duty 3 for windows. Sniper Fury 3. Become a professional sniper and fight terrorism around the globe! Windows 3d action games 3d action games for android 3d for android 3d for android free 3d graphics games.

Sniper Elite V2 3. Gory WWII sniper first person shooter. Windows action shooter games action shooter games for windows 7 cam for windows first person games first person games for windows.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 4. Windows ghost military games sniper sniper for windows sniper games. Sniper Elite 4 1 4. Become a deadly hunter in Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Elite 4 is the fourth instalment in the Sniper Elite series of tactical shooter games. Windows maps for windows maps for windows 7 sniper sniper elite games sniper for windows. Sniper Elite 3 3. Windows multiplayer games multiplayer games for windows 7 multiplayer shooter games multiplayer shooter games for windows 7 sniper.



Download jocuri pc full free shooter. FREE XBOX GAMES

Top free games – Shop these 90 items and explore Microsoft Store for great apps, games, laptops, PCs, and other devices. Online first-person shooter (FPS) games deliver an adrenaline rush and millions of players log in each day to do battle to get it.


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Learn more about data safety No information available. The game has been really fun so far, I’m a big fan of the gunplay. The only issue I’ve had is on the level “Hotel”. After I shoot the bosses helmet off the controls completely lock up, all I can do is go into and out of cover, can’t shoot or change weapons. This has led me to die a few pointless times. It’s the same concept and gameplay, but made possible on mobile, which for the most part, is very addicting, but locked behind a paywall and operates on an energy system.

Very sloppy reimagining, but serviceable if you have the patience. The game is great, the art style looks sweet, and the gameplay itself is enjoyable. The only complaint I have is the energy system, it doesn’t really add much to the game, after playing a few more rounds, the whole energy thing is pretty annoying. The game is fun, and i reccomend it to anyone who likes shooters that play more carefully.

Demons and devils, from a terrible dimension of pain and violence, are gated into ours and must be stopped. Id Software had a really focused vision in its conception of Doom , the game.

The aesthetic of the Doom -iverse, then, is specifically hardcore blood and guts. These are demons, after all. They bring hell with them, wherever they go. And your job, as a space-marine, is to send them back there. It is a fast-paced, brutal gore-fest, but in the best way possible. Doom knows how over-the-top it is. Make no mistake. Although there is a campaign and a story, Doom is a single-player action game made for the thrill of the kill of terrible monsters and the kind of Zen-like rhythm you find yourself in blasting through them and evading, run-and-gun style.

The levels and AI are designed for fun for one person, like it was in the old days – only now, with new and eye-popping graphics and a killer soundtrack. The Battlefield series has been, up until now, more about online PvP play than single-player, story-driven gameplay. It would be a mere twenty-one years before the next World War broke out, overshadowing it and leaving the first to be an almost forgotten bit of history in the modern era. Battlefield 1 gives the player a sense of the early, now-archaic, but functionally recognizable weapons and warfare that made up the battles of WWI.

It does this not with an overarching story, but rather a series of tales in different theatres of the war, each with an emotional arc. But they are more like different episodes, painting an overall picture, than a whole narrative. But the kind of air warfare was propeller-driven bi-planes, and the mechanized weapons were bolt-action rifles and early, version 1 style machine guns.

In one of the missions, you pilot a message-carrying pigeon to deliver valuable information. Battlefield 1 brings those kinds of realities into the first-person experience, which is an interesting take and change from the myriad WWII and modern combat simulations that make up the FPS world. Each vignette, or episode, is told with a human touch. They give the player at once the sense of how massive and spanning the First World War was in scope, and also how it was, like all wars, made up of individual stories of individual people.

Some stories are full of glory and others are full of sadness and tragedy. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided , you are a cybernetically enhanced agent, in the mean streets of occupied Prague, set in a burned-out cyberpunk future of technological dystopia. You play as hyper-manoeuvrable, stealthy, and action-ready protagonist Adam Jensen. As the pot-boiler plot becomes more intricate, and your choices in how you interact with the characters lead to different paths and missions, you discover that you can approach game objectives from a variety of different ways: parkour-like movement through the alleys and rooftops of Prague, hacking security systems and grids, or brute force attacks and assaults.

Eidos Montreal has made it a fluid mix of RPG dialogue choices, action, and stealth. The only complaint from those who have played through its previous installation might be that the game unfolds in much the same way. Action adventure game Dishonored 2 from developer Arkane has done the sequel correctly: by doubling down. Choose stealth and avoidance or straight-up action, or a mix anywhere in between. Dishonored 2 takes this approach even further.

No two games played by any two players, or even played through twice by the same player, will be identical. You make this choice at the beginning of the game and it is the most consequential decision to make. If the setup to the story seems generic, the action and gameplay is anything but. Expect to play 12 to 16 hours as either Emily or Corvo, and expect to want to play again as the other to explore different choices and paths when you do. BioShock shook up the gaming world when it was released.

Industrialist and scientist wunderkind Andrew Ryan, influenced by the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand, has built an underwater city called Rapture, where he has opted out of society to rebuild it anew as a shining Utopia. Genetic experiments, class divisions, and hubris all make this new-Atlantis into more of a dystopia than anything else. The Far Cry series is not a shared universe, exactly, but rather a shared approach to gameplay and game design.

Named after the code-base game engine developed using CryEngine, the games are all open-world environments in which a single player finds him or herself alone in a vast and unforgiving wilderness of one kind or another. In Far Cry 3 , it is an island with evil pirates and slavers and survival is a moment-to-moment affair as a giant plot spells itself out.

It still holds up as one of the best in the series. Fallout 3 is the third in the Fallout series of games, but the first developed by legendary game studio Bethesda, after it bought out the series from its original developers, Interplay.

The previous games have been third-person, overhead, 2D isometric graphic presentations. In Fallout 3 , Bethesda took the franchise into the FPS genre, delivered a more immersive experience, and really began the modern franchise as it is today.

This is a testament to it being one of the best offline shooting games for PC. The game is really just that good. Instant Chat with Agent. Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. See www. The following applies to HP systems with Intel Skylake or next-generation silicon chip-based system shipping with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. Covid Disclaimer: We are working to meet the current extraordinary customer demand for our products. Our website reflects current product availability but circumstances are dynamic.

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